About Me


Being afraidSnapchat-4839580591049689123 can be debilitating, but I won’t let it be the end of my world. My name is Ronny, I’m a college undergrad in my twenties trying to “figure it out” but really just lucky I put pants on today.

We all have fears. Some of mine come from my unspecific chest pain, being assaulted as a teen, and having an aversion to blood, needles and mostly anything medical.

Sometimes the scariest things are the most ordinary, like speaking in class, talking to a cute guy, or donating blood. And so far, I have let my discomfort rule the way I live. But not anymore.

I’m challenging myself and my readers to step into the scary world outside of our comfort zones. I will be trying new things and doing things that make me uncomfortable in the hopes that I’ll overcome a fear or two.

There are a million reasons not to do this but then I remember my favorite quote from Meg Cabot, “The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.” and suddenly a million reasons isn’t enough to stop me.

Please feel free to make comments and challenge me to try new things.


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