Finding a Dating Site

Because I am not old enough to participate in the speed dating events here in Omaha, and because trying to meet in Omaha is time consuming (or I am just to tired to try), I decided to sign up for a dating site.

I did not want to join Tender or OkCupid. They are notorious for being hookup sites and Ronny just isn’t about that life. And despite my mom saying that EHarmony is the only legitimate site that you trust,  it seems way too serious. So I settled for Match because those are the only four dating sites I have ever heard of.

I couldn’t help humming the Matchmaker song from “Fiddler on the Roof” while I filled out the application. Well, while I filled out the application the first time. By the end I was humming a whole list of curse words, you probably have never even imagined.

It took me hours, HOURS, to sign up. Not because the application process is terribly long but because my internet kept crashing. Each time I’d get a little farther in the process than before, giving me a false sense of security. And each time the crash caught me by surprise. After many threats to throw my computer our the window, I was finally able to sign up. The site is fairly straightforward with the most common ways of interacting with other users include, liking pictures, winking, or sending a message.

I will be the first to say that paying to ‘date’ feels very, very weird. I know that people do it all the time but I can’t help but lower my screen when I think someone can see me looking at a guy’s profile.

I think I might just be embarrassed because I’m new to this and in the past, dating sites or apps have carried a negative connotation of failure. People who have met their significant other through a dating site have always started telling me their stories with,  “don’t judge me but,” or “I know it sounds silly,”.

My first few days on the site didn’t do much to alleviate my embarrassment. I received a few emails, two of which openly propositioned me and another that told me about his family, a few of his interests, told me he would never cheat on me and asked me to be his girlfriend…all in his first email.

I considered canceling my membership and getting my money back but I didn’t think a couple days was really a very fair trial run. Hopefully things get a little better or I might just have to sneak into one of those speed dating events!


4 thoughts on “Finding a Dating Site

  1. I met my husband before those sites all took off and even though I’ve always been totally happy (and we never “took a break” or broke up), I have ALLLLLLLWAYS wanted to “see what’s out there!” like they say on the commercials. Like WHO would tell me my MATCHES ARE?! So when my best friend let me create her profile for her last year, at last, it was one of my favorite things ever. Especially since she let me moderate all of the requests. Like online dating, but NOT!

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    • Perhaps it isn’t so wise of me to admit this on the Internet, but my husband and I met through We winked at each other to get the ball rollin’…..

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  2. I couldn’t help but stop and read this post. I have always been intrigued with online dating. Simply because I have always had a certain opinion about it for no reason really. I’m always interested in meeting people who have done it or are considering it. I’ve always liked to consider myself someone who doesn’t judge much but everyone does and until I met real life people who either met their significant other on an online site or who are actively searching I just never thought it was a legit deal for a real relationship. I’m curious to hear more about your experiences with this and if it all works out or just gets better. Great post!

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  3. I met my husband on a dating site…a free dating site. I think it was called or something like that. I got a bunch of requests but I only met three people in person. The first one lied to me saying he was 28 when in reality he was more like 38. The second one was a guy named Jacob, we ended up becoming good friends, he was a nice guy, but I just wanted to be his friend and he wanted something more serious. We just decided to part ways.
    People say the third time’s the charm, well… it’s true! I met my husband, got married almost 2 years later, and we’ve been married for 3 years. It’s possible to meet the love of your life online, just remember a few things:
    -Be honest
    -Don’t use old pictures
    -Be cautious
    -If the other person lies to you about their age, make him pay for the food at the restaurant (and get the most expensive meal on the menu LOL).

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